Where can I find information about Dietary Supplements?

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First and foremost understand what Dietary supplements are and what their use is. Dietary supplements are products taken by mouth as pills, capsules, tablets or liquid form. Usually, they are vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, amino acids among other nutritional ingredients. The main aim of taking these supplements is improving one’s personal health. The problem comes in when you try finding where to get information about them and answers to your questions about these supplements. Here are some forums to offer that information;


The internet is the most convenient source of any information. The Good thing is that it never misses information irrespective of the field. You could just search for the supplements you want and can even purchase them online which is more convenient. There are also health websites offering the information, for instance, WebMD. Governmental health institutions are also available online and a very reliable source of the very sensitive health field of knowledge. Usually, they do a research and test the supplements before they post online about them. They advise on what will work best as well as valiantly describe the effects that are likely to come with a particular supplement. The internet also comes together with the social sites. Health institutions usually have social sites accounts in which you can ask about a supplement and get a reply.

Print media

This will include magazines and health books. They are a rich source of information and give concrete and full information about the supplements. For instance, National Health Institutions will usually produce magazines or even other forms of print media such as brochure and flyers. They will also give a dietary supplement sheet in which a variety of the supplements is listed and precisely described to ensure that you choose the right supplement. Remember, these supplements will usually have side-effects if taken wrongly and for the wrong purpose. However, if you are the type that wants first-hand information, choice three below would work just right for you.

Visit a doctor

Booking an appointment is always a preferable step and act. Visit an expert and the one who specializes in nutrition for the best of the advises. Ask as many questions as you can, remember you are probably paying for the inquiry so you should utilize your bucks to the fullest by asking all questions about supplements that you ever had. The doctor is also the best person to prescribe for you. Make sure you follow their instruction.
You could also visit a pharmacy. The pharmacists are usually in the same line of knowledge as the doctors.

How can I live a healthy lifestyle?

With the fast paced and very stressful world that we are living in today, it makes it hard for us to live without problems. The best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to have a good state of mind and to be well physically. A healthy lifestyle is not just about eating a healthy diet and having regular exercises. It is important to live in moderation, avoid stress and get enough sleep to facilitate a healthy lifestyle.
The following are some of the ways that facilitate living a healthy lifestyle.

• Eat healthy

A healthy diet fuels your life. Constantly eating junk foods and drinking alcohol causes a lot of damage to your body as they contain chemicals and preservations that are not good for your life. Alcohol and cigarettes contain harmful ingredients that reduce your energy which is required for you do some of the important things that you do in life.

• Do exercises

Exercises are very important as they keep you in shape and helps burn excess fats from your body. Being out of shape hinders your ability to undertake certain tasks in your life. Exercises help to release different chemicals in your body that makes you feel better and shedding the sweat helps open your skin poles that assists in better breathing. It also helps you to get through a tough day by giving you the power to kick start the day.

• Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important in your life. It is important to get between six and eight hours of sleep every day. It helps you relax in readiness to face the next day with a relaxed body and soul. Lack of enough sleep is a recipe to fatigue, lack of concentration, and mild headache.

• Drink enough water

Water is very important as it helps in removing the metabolic wastes commonly known as toxins from the body. It provides you with more energy for your activities. You are advised to take a minimum of eight glasses per day.

• Balance between work and play

Working too much raises the level of stress and therefore declining your health and happiness. Too much play also raises the stress level as you think on how to pay your bills. Learning how to balance between these two can assist you in carrying your financial obligations without forfeiting your fun times, and this reduces the stress and improves lifestyle.

The above points are to be followed for a better lifestyle and healthy living. A well-maintained body gives you the energy to undertake the day’s work and helps your mind to stay focused. To live healthily eat healthy and do a lot of exercises.

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Blood type diet health

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It is possible to use blood type to determine the kind of health diet that is suitable. This is because every blood type has its health guidelines and should be followed purposely on that dependent.

The following are a few guidelines to be followed when choosing the blood type diet health that is suitable.

1. Understanding what is involved the blood type diet
First, it is good to understand that food lectins react with different blood types differently for the diet proposes. This causes some reactions to an intruder with some creating antigens. It is advisable to consume foods according to your blood types if you have the following in mind.
Various blood types include the following:
Blood Group A -It is known as the cultivator. It requires that one eats a little red meat with a lot of vegetables. It works well with vegetarians.
Blood Group B – It is known as a nomad. It includes food containing dairy products such as milk, eggs, and meat.
Group C-It is known as a hunter. It requires that one eats a lot of proteins such as bean, meat, and dried cereals.
Group AB- It is known as Enigma and acts as an intermediate between blood groups A&B.

2. Know whether the blood type diet works for sure.
The diet is believed to have a success rate of 70% when it comes to improved health conditions and weight loss. Though not confirmed results, it must have come from people that may have used it earlier, by avoiding certain foods and then losing some weight for any reason. Many people fall in the A, O and B blood groups where daily products are not recommended. Milk is mostly found in processed foods. Weight can be achieved by avoiding dairy products and one wonders whether it has anything to do with blood group. If you still think of using blood type diet, know your blood group first by having your blood sample taken to the lab to identify your blood group then take the necessary action or better still get the advice from your local physician.

3. Know what negatives are associated with blood type diet.
Researchers say that there is no link between blood type and diet. Lectins in food do not act the same way as extracted ones, and still no connection has been found between these two yet. Follow what you believe in. Research harder and you will get enlightened on the negatives associated with this type of dieting. Ask an expert and visit your local nutritionist to shed some more light on this kind of dieting.

If interested in this diet, learn to deal with its complexity. It is not clear whether it is recommended to use this type of dieting. Just consult your doctors for any further clarification or people who have used the method before otherwise you can use other means, and you reach your desired dieting needs without any complications involved.

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When Exercise and Dieting are not Enough

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It comes a time when one is desperate to lose weight. You may have tried workouts, but you are yet to get results. Dieting also has not given you significant results. At this time, you cannot wait any more to lose your weight. You really want to have those beautiful muscles, you see in most body builders. Bodybuilding supplements offer fast solutions to weight loss.  However, how do you choose your supplements? Is every supplement out there effective? Are there certain ingredients you should look out for? All these are some of the considerations, you should make when buying the supplements. That aside, let’s look at some of supplements for beginners.


Most bodybuilding supplements comprise of protein. This is because protein is one of the best body builders. Hence, if you are serious about building muscles, you should go for products with high levels of proteins.  Extra protein is believed to increase your strength and muscular size. For the best results, you should take fast digesting protein, before, during or after your workout session. Protein can help you to remove additional fats.

Greens supplement

Usually, greens supplement can reduce the effects of a diet that does not contain vegetables and fruits. While many would want to argue that you could get all the vitamins and minerals from foods, you can take supplements since some nutritional elements are lost during preparation and cooking. Besides furnishing you with vitamins, the supplement stabilizes your PH. Your acid and base levels can be affected by the regular taking of proteins.


If you consume a carbohydrate source, before, during or after workout, you will drive appropriate glycogen resynthesis and protein synthesis. This result into fast bodybuilding and energy build up.  If you are training regularly and intensively bodybuilding supplements containing carbohydrates, will help you add muscles rapidly.

Fish oils

Fish oils are known to be major sources of omega three fats.  Besides, they have other health benefits. As a starter, you can accrue health and fitness benefits, with supplements that contain fish oils.


Creatine is another bodybuilding supplement that has faced considerable research. It is known to result into higher improvements in strength and size of the muscles. It is better if you follow it with regular exercise.  Creatine can be used by people of ages. Although there have been worries, that the supplement could cause health risks to people under 18 years, creatine is one supplement, which have given many desperate body builders great results. As long as, you use the supplement in recommended doses, there will be no harm.

As you shop for bodybuilding supplements, be very careful to read the labels to ascertain, they contain what you are looking for. The supplement you buy should be commensurate with your body building goals. Most importantly, use the supplements as required.

Weight training: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

You recently decided to get fit, but you do not where to start.  Most people have found themselves in the situation you are right now. You just enrolled in a local gym and have no idea on the weights to lift or the way to run the machines. There is no cause for worry, since it is possible to learn and be a pro next time. Weight training often consists of weight lifts. It is designed as so, for various reasons. One being that, the beginner’s body is yet to acclimatize to regular exercise. Hence, the strength training as its popular known strives to harden your muscles to handle a long life of exercising. Usually, it works better for people who have failed to shed off some extra pounds by dieting and cardio.

Vital guidelines for starters

  • Conduct work out for about two times per week. It is possible to achieve significant fitness and strength, if one does two workout sessions per week.
  • Ensure to take a day off, the weight training between each workout. This helps the body to assimilate the exercise you already did and it acts as a resting period.
  • To enhance your health, it is important to perform a set of 8 to 12 repetitions until you are fatigued.  This implies that you must use a weight that will completely leave you exhausted after

    8 to 12 repetitions.

  • To achieve fitness, you should conduct two sets of 8 to 12 repetitions to fatigue. Just like said above, the weight used should be enough to tire your muscles, to prevent you from continuing with the workout, until you have rested for 30 to 90 seconds.
  • It takes four to five seconds to complete one repetition, through a range of motion, in a gradual and controlled way.
  • Weight training also requires that you take rest, for about 30 seconds, though not more than 90 seconds, between the sets of workouts.

Common mistakes to avoid when strength training

It is normal to feel that you need to shed off weight faster, but take one day at a time. Your body needs to get used to the gym, hence, do not force it. Therefore, ensure to start lower than your ability and go adding weight as you continue the training.  If you notice that your body is suffering, as you use the momentum or swing the weight, you may be using more weight than you can handle. On the other hand, using lesser weight to play safe may prevent your weight training not to yield results. You should increase the weight by 5% at a time.

Another mistake people make is going through repetitions rapidly. This does not yield the expected results and it strains the muscles. For instance, if you have not practiced for long, be careful not to ask much of your muscles. Lastly, failure to rest can make you die of workout rather than getting fit. The recommended rest duration ranges from 30 to 90 seconds.


How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

It is said that losing weight is better than gaining weight To some extent, this statement may be true but being underweight too has its fair share of problems. There are people who are skinny naturally. However, if you find that you are losing weight rapidly and you have not been dieting for weight loss, seek medical assistance.  If you are desperate about adding weight, you should consider using nutrient-rich foods.  Even if you want the weight so bad, never sacrifice your health on the altar of unhealthy eating. If you must gain weight, use healthy ways.

Healthy ways of gaining weight

  1. Always take balanced meals- Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, ensure that each meal has the recommended proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, monosaturated and unsaturated fats including almonds, canola oil, olive oil and/or pistachios.  Take at least 60 to 70% carbs, small amount of healthy fats and 15% protein.
  2. Eat foods that are high in calories- When most people hear of high-caloric value food, they think of sugars and fats. However, gaining weight in a healthy way, calls for a proportion of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Add more nutritious foods to your meals- For instance, you may add grated boiled eggs to mashed potatoes, low-fat dried milk in soups or ground chicken to gravies.
  4. If you get full fast, try slicing foods or taking small portions of high calorie foods at once. For example, you can take grape nuts and granola in place of corn flakes, slice mangoes instead of taking them wholly or take raisins to substitute grapes.
  5. Avoid taking drinks about 30 minutes before or after eating- Beverages tend to wash away nutrients from food, before your digestive system can optimize them fully.
  6. Gaining weight depends on high numbers of calories hence take mixed juices. When juicing, combine multiple fruits to make up a juice rich in calories and vital nutrients.
  7. Add fats but in moderation to your meals- Some healthy sources of fats, you can sample include avocado, salmon, mackerel, nuts and olives.
  8. Eat snacks in between meals – However, do not snack on just anything. Yoghurt, nuts and dried fruits are some good options.  Most importantly, find a snack that you enjoy. This will keep your body energized and properly functioning, as you wait for the next meal.
  9. Last but not the least; ensure to eat a snack before bedtime. A peanut butter sandwich will not be a bad choice, though you should choose what arouses your sense of taste.

You might have read a lot about gaining weight. However, before you employ methods that can ruin your healthy, try the above ways for adding weight in a healthy manner. You will achieve the weight you want, without compromising on your health.

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